bioDBnet: dbFind

Database Finder

dbFind can be used when you do not know the actual type of your identifiers or when you have a mixture of different types of identifiers. The tool finds the identifier type and converts them into the selected output if the identifiers are within the network. To get a list of the identifiers and their coverage read our documentation on the network nodes

To use dbFind select the output identifier that you want all your ID's to convert into, enter the Taxon ID, add your identifiers to the ID list box and set remove duplicate values to 'No' if you want to keep duplicate values. Clicking on submit returns all the mappings of your ID's to the output selected and the identifier type(s) for each of your ID's in the exact order as entered. For some identifiers it might be possible that dbFind figures out the type of identifier but is unable to convert it into the required output. In such cases only the type is printed in the results table

Identifier values can have comma (,)
Remove duplicate input values YesNo