bioDBnet: db2db

Database to Database Conversions

db2db allows for conversions of identifiers from one database to other database identifiers or annotations. To use db2db select the input type of your data, changing the input type automatically changes the output options to the ones specific for the input selected. Then select one or more output types and add your identifiers in the ID list box. Set the remove duplicate values to 'No' if you do not want duplicates to be removed. Clicking on submit then returns a table of your inputs matched against all the outputs selected in the exact order as entered. Results can be limited to a particular taxon by entering it's Taxon ID. The performance will vary widely depending on the number of outputs and the options selected. Conversions to a single output with the default options should complete in a few seconds

Identifier values can have comma (,)
Remove duplicate input values YesNo
Expand Taxon ID to include sub species/strains for Entrez Gene conversions YesNo